We gave the owner of this Legor a questionnaire and are very excited to share his story!


CPS: Why Legor?

Ghin : Long story summarised - ended up on a gravel race / bikepacking trip with CPS mechanic Joshua Tang, and he noticed the Kona Rove ST (steel) I was on.

Bit of a "swiss army knife" bike that tips the scales at a feathery 11.5kg (!!!) We ended up chatting about bike frames, steel as a material, and he said "Have you heard of Mattia Paganotti and Legor Cicli? We just got a few frames in, come by and check it out." 

The name sounded familiar and upon some googling, saw the original Service Course posts about it and Tristan Cardew's blue steel race machine. I'd come across it many years before, but never thought I'd have the chance to see one / own one in real life due to the long timeframe for a bespoke custom bike.



I really love Mattia's story: ex-pro skateboarder that started racing fixies and serendipitously ended up frame building - from fixing lathes, being gifted the late Piero Serena's workshop tools, to tutelage under different Italian masters culminating in Dario Pegoretti.

His story is very punk rock, and I'm all for it! Also the way he rides his bike reminded me of my youth riding skateboards, and I love his DGAF attitude to current styles / trends and just doing what he wants to do.

On the frame itself - the CPS + FitSkuul team had pre-built a few custom geos in multiple sizes, and there was one that fit me perfectly. That was the Legor Porreca Road Disc in the Stinger colourway. Normally you'd wait 1+ year for a customised frame (and at the time, 2+ years due to supply chain shortages), and here was one in the flesh. 


CPS : Why did you build it up the way you did?
Ghin : I was coming off a slightly challenging aero superbike project, where I'd bitten off more than I could chew (too much bike for me). As such, already had the Campy SR EPS groupset, which Josh mentioned he could easily port over for me. This worked out well, as the Porreca Road was only built for electronic shifting! There was some fantastic magic done by Josh to make it work.   
Once that was settled, it only made sense to keep with the Italian theme - thus the Campy wheels, Vittoria tyres, SMP Selle saddle and Deda finishing kit. The frame colour popped by itself, so wanted all the parts to stay as black for contrast. 
CPS : What quality were you hoping to achieve for the ride?
Ghin : I was looking for something that was a bit "simpler" in terms of ride feel and quality; that was neither too stiff nor too noodley. Something that would take me back to the basics of riding, yet still have a fun and lively feel. The Porreca ticks all the boxes!
CPS: How was the ride ride experience?
Ghin : The geo by Choonwei is amazing. Firstly, I love the geo that you guys designed - longer wheelbase for a more planted ride, whilst still maintaining an aggressive HT angle.
The bike feels simultaneously perfect as an all-day bike and a quick crit bike that wants to always be pushed faster. Because of the longer wheelbase, I feel much more confident descending and really tipping the bike into corners. It really carves! 
On ride feel - the oversized downtube makes such a difference. Feedback from the road is more prominent, yet never uncomfortable. The bike has a 'Goldilocks' feel between too stiff vs. too dull & muted - making it a much more exciting, lively and comfortable ride.
The bike yearns to go faster on tarmac and I love the way that steel holds the speed like a coiled spring. Read somewhere that Matteo used to be an amateur skateboarder in Italy, and you can really feel that influence in the bike design - polished, refined, stylish yet raw, gritty and ready to throw down.
Loving the colourway and the build - it's a real headturner and gotten a fair few compliments on it already!
Big thanks to Cycle Project Store and Fitskuul for helping with this amazing bike!



Frameset  Legor Porreca Disc
Headset Chris King 
Wheelset Campagnolo Bora WTO
Tyres Vittoria CORSA N.EXT
Groupset Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Speed
Stem Deda Zero
Seatpost Deda Superleggero RS
Handlebar Deda Zero 100
Saddle Selle Italia SMP
Grips Burgh Hex
Bottom Bracket Argonaut T47 CAM
April 28, 2024 — Sherwin Ng

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