This beautiful Bastion was a gift from the owner's husband. We managed to speak to the owner and find out about the reason behind the choice of Bastion, the detailed artwork on the bike and colourway.


Selecting Bastion wasn't merely a decision for Nor Rahim; it marked a culmination of his cycling odyssey, from the exclusive Cervelo RCA to the aerodynamic S5 and ultimately, a bespoke Bastion. 


When extending the joy of cycling to his wife Sabrina, the choice became more than an addition to their collection—it symbolized shared adventures, a vessel for joint miles, and a testament to their journey, seamlessly blending technological precision with handcrafted artistry.

The custom paint job extends beyond mere aesthetics; it becomes a narrative on wheels. Sabrina's reserved yet confident demeanor finds eloquent expression in a glossy, black canvas covering Bastion's distinctive titanium lugs, which are typically highlighted. This understated beauty, accentuated by rose gold peonies on the seat tube, seat post and inner fork, symbolizes her introverted sanctuary—a realm where thoughts flourish freely.

The top tube bears witness to a fusion of nature's beauty and personalized artistry—a symphony of a rose intertwining with handwritten letters that spell out her name. This visual narrative encapsulates a unique connection, whispering the story of individuality and refined simplicity. 

The addition of Pewter Chris King hubs elevates the bike, infusing it with sophistication, timelessness, and understated elegance.

Arabic words near the rear dropouts bring linguistic depth. 'Sabr' translates to Patience and Perseverance, while 'Nor' signifies The Divine Light. The intertwining of 'Sabr' and 'Nor' mirrors the enduring melody of patience and radiance in their journey as life partners.


Frameset  Bastion Road
Headset Chris King 
Wheelset ENVE S.E.S 3.4 laced to Chris King R45 Pewter
Tyres Vittoria Corsa 2.0
Groupset Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed w Dura Ace Crankset
Stem Black Inc Barstem
Seatpost Bastion ISP
Handlebar Black Inc Barstem
Saddle S Work Power Mimic
Grips Fabric Knurl Tack
Bottom Bracket C-Bear
May 04, 2024 — Sherwin Ng

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