Nicholas has been on his wife's Canyon whenever he tagged along with his friends' ride, and that has resulted in him feeling the need for a new bicycle in addition to his mountain bikes.

He begins hunting for a gravel bike that will allow him to have some fun on certain off-road paths due to his MTB background. Referred by a good friend that bears the same name as him, stumbled upon our store and was after an alloy bike instead of carbon.

He wanted something that has a longevity to it yet something different from what was common on the road.  Having seen several of our past projects, Standert Bicycles was introduced to Nicholas for the exceptional value that their product offers.

Their all-road model, the Pfadfinder fitted what Nicholas was looking for. To add to his excitement, Standert Bicycles releases a limited colourway each year for their all-road frame and the 2022 colourway was to Nicholas' liking.

The wheelset recommended to him was based on the longevity as well as the primary intended usage. The HED Belgium G was chosen as it has always been the best alloy wheel rims we have worked with and the White Industries CLD hubset were picked. To give it a little contrast with the frame, silver colourway for the hubset was chosen.

Having fitted all his MTBs with Sram groupsets, Nicholas had earlier decided to go along with Sram for his first all-road project. That was later changed to Shimano GRX due to the availability of the Sram items here in Singapore.

With a stroke of luck and sheer coincidence, Shimano had just announced the release of a limited edition GRX groupset in a silver colourway. That sealed the fate of the shifting mechanism of the groupset.

Nicholas wanted something grippy yet comfortable to hold on. The brooks cambium rubber bartape has been one of our favourite till date and that was chosen on his bike.

Thank you Nicholas, it was a different Pfadfinder experience for us as well! 

Check out the Standert Pfadfinder Limited Edition III here.


Frameset  Standert Pfadfinder Disc
Headset Chris King
Wheelset HED Belgium Disc
Tyres Panaracer Gravel King SS
Groupset Shimano GRX Limited
Stem Salsa Deluxe Guide
Seatpost Salsa Guide Carbon
Handlebar Salsa Cowbell Deluxe
Saddle Specialized Mirror Pro
Grips Brooks Cambium Rubber
Cages Tanaka Stainless Steel

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