This restoration project was interesting for us, largely due to the fact that the owner had a similar frame that was previously restored by us as well.

Having owned and love his previous Supersix Evo (which you can read about it in this hyperlink), the owner gotten his hands on yet another Supersix Evo frameset in the condition seen below.

Credit : Firdaus

We were astonished when he proposed about the new project and the owner jokingly remarked that his existing supersix evo could then be retired and be displayed as an art piece in the house. Signs of a hoarder!

The interesting note about this build was that Firdaus added a nice touch to have a blend of modern and old. The original headbadge logo that was originally on the bike was replaced with the modern cannondale headbadge logo.

We caught up with Firdaus to find out more about his second Supersix Evo.

CPS : Hi Firdaus! Why another Cannondale?

FirdausI have always been a Cannondale fanboy. Their long heritage in the biking industry and how in the past, their dedication to make smooth aluminium welds got me loving the brand.

This is my 6th Cannondale bike. My second bike as a kid was a Cannondale touring bike and I loved it. Rode it to school, soccer, everywhere. Riding one bring back so much nostalgia.

I was looking to get a bike that would follow me on my trips, something that is clean looking and simple to work on for a noob like me. That meant lesser cables good, and rim brakes better. 

CPS : We are big fan of the old Caads as well! Any particular reason on the colourway and design on this restoration project?

Firdaus : The colourway was inspired by the Cannondale track bikes in the 90s. Coming from fixed gear, that was the bike that I always dream to own but sadly, too poor to afford.

Credit : kznlzr on pedalroom
Credit : cicciopasticcio on pedalroom

Renderings of paint designs

The bare ass carbon was just to make the bike look more unique. I went for that new Cannondale logo because it is just so rad. One of their best logo in my opinion.

CPS : Too beautiful. We recall that earlier supersix evo project was also based on the icelandic green of the 92 Cannondale Track. Would you share the reason of your choices on the components that are on this build?

Firdaus : On this older Supersix Evo, the lack of internal routing for Shimano DI2 meant it had to be SRAM eTap. And for consistent braking, I opted for DT-Swiss Aluminium wheels which also have ceramic coated brake track to give bike a beautiful black silhouette.

The single piece bar stem was such a love at first sight when I saw it on a friend’s bike that I had to get it on mine!

The appleman crankset was chosen to complement the Sram groupset and with Cannondale being from America as well, the ideal was to have the drivetrain to be full American as well.

CPS : Very thoughtful choices! Where do you foresee that this bike will be going with you?

Firdaus : The bike is intended to be my daily driver on road rides. Rain or shine, its simplicity makes it easy to work with at home. I do also intend to bring this bike to several upcoming trips.


Have a bike that you would like to restore?


Frameset  Cannondale Supersix Evo Rim
Headset Cane Creek
Wheelset DT Swiss PR1400 Dicut 21 Oxic
Tyres Vittoria Corsa 2.0
Groupset Sram Red ETap
Crankset Appleman 
Bottom Bracket C Bear
Barstem Roval Alpinist
Seatpost Roval Alpinist
Saddle Special Power
Grips Burgh Ossa
Cages Silca Sicuro Midnight
July 07, 2024 — Sherwin Ng

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