Zipp Service Course 70 XPLR Dropbar

110.00 SGD
By Zipp


The Zipp Service Course 70 XPLR bar’s moniker, XPLR, exemplifies the desire to explore the world with an expanded definition of cycling on a drop bar bicycle, from paved roads onto gravel, mud, dirt, and even single track.

The Service Course 70 XPLR help you go faster by placing your body, starting with your hands, in an optimal “comfort zone” position for hours of rough riding over mixed terrain. Today’s riders demand a few things out of their cockpit, whether they are doing a two hour training ride from home or a 200 mile gravel adventure: comfort, control, and the ability to carry what they need. Zipp met these needs by creating a bar with shallow and wide drops, specifically focusing on two crucial metrics—outsweep and flare. Outsweep is created by rotating the drop below the brake perch outward. Flare is created by rotating the entire drop above the brake perch outward.


  • AL-6061
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Drop: 115mm
  • Reach: 70mm
  • Outsweep: 11°
  • Weight: 305g (42cm bar)

Photo Credit: Zipp