White Industries MR30 TSR 1X Chainring

130.00 SGD

Chainring Offset
The MR30 TSR 1X Chainring only fits the White Industries M/A/R/G 30mm spindle cranks, like the G30 Crankarm.

TSR (Tall-Short-Ring) 1X Chainrings are designed to work with all modern 10/11/12 speed 1X drivetrain systems.

Combing a Tall, Short (TSR) tooth shape in an alternating pattern with a narrow wide profile allow for a tight hold on your chain so you don’t have to worry about drops as well providing a quiet and smooth ride.


  • Colour: Silver | Black
  • Offset: 
    • 0mm (Boost)
    • 3mm (Standard/Non-Boost)
      • Standard/Non-Boost Rings can be flipped to give you 3mm more outward offset than the Boost Rings.
  • Chain Compatibility:
    • SRAM 10/11/12 Speed and 12 Speed Flat-Top Chains
    • Shimano 10/11 Speed Chains
      • Note: Shimano 12 Speed chains must use a SRAM 12 speed PowerLock connector.
    • Single-Speed 3/32" Chains

    Photo Credit: White Industries