Velo Orange x Road Runner Bags Tool and Saddle Roll - Coyote

58.00 SGD

These Tool and Saddle Rolls are a great place to put all your roadside tools and accessories.

Three separate pockets (3" x 4" on the sides, center pocket 3" x 5") allow you to neatly organize your quick-fix tools, and a button-snap flap ensures your gear will never fall out. With the flap buttoned down, the bag is 5.25" tall, meaning you can fit tools up to 5" long in the pockets. The bag then folds neatly into itself in thirds, and uses a strap and buckle to secure itself to the saddle rails.

Also included on the underside is a loop and strap to tether the bottom of the bag to the seatpost ensuring the bag wont move around or slide up on rougher terrain. Carry your essentials in style!

Alternately, you can simply put the tool roll into another, larger bag and have your tools easily available at hand.

Photo Credit: Velo Orange