Tons Race Table Special Edition

399.00 SGD
By Tons


Designed and printed in Denmark, the Race Table is a strong, lightweight and beautiful 3D printed bike trainer stand perfect for your ultimate Zwift'ing exercise.

The Special Edition is made out of smoked black oak that can only be grown certain parts of Northern Europe.

This special color is achieved via a natural process that colours the the oak all the way through. Then it’s not a surface treatment it’s natural “solid” color.

Tons bike trainer stands are fully plant based and printed on demand with a very efficient production setup. Low footprint. Lots of value.


  • Holder for iPads and Smartphones
  • 3D Printed Honeycomb
  • Biodegradable Plant Based Polymer 
  • Compatibility: 
    • Depth: 12mm (fits all iPads and all iPhones including Apple Case)
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 97cm
    • Width: 70cm
    • Depth: 60cm

Photo Credit: Tons