THM Mandibula Seatpost

995.00 SGD


A lightweight and stiff seatpost for those that want performance and comfort.

Comfort seatposts all suffer from the same problem. The farther they stick out of the frame, the more flexible they get. That’s of course not what you want, taller (and heavier) riders should not have a more flexible seat post. 

The Mandibula fixes this issue by dividing the post into two zones: the comfort zone and the power zone. The latter is a super-stiff and light structure, that hardly flexes regardless of how much of it sticks out of the frame. The comfort zone provides exactly what you would expect, the right level of comfort without becoming too much.


  • Clamp Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Setback: 25mm
  • Lengths: 350mm | 400mm
  • Minimum Insert: 100mm
  • Material: Carbon/Basalt
  • Finish: Natural Carbon/Basalt
  • Weight: 159g (350mm) - 172g (400mm)
  • Max. Permissible Weight: 110kg

Photo Credit: THM