RAL Go Through A Rough Patch

6.00 SGD


Clothes that have worn through; bags that have faded after so many days out in the sun; sweaters that have holes in them, etc... Even now after not using them much anymore, favourites are hard to just throw away.

You can spend time and money to fix them cleanly, but a fresh way to enjoy your old favourites is certainly by self-customising and revitalising with a patch.

Because they are a small size, they are recommended not only for clothes but also for customising luggage and cycling bags.


  • Material: 100% polyester, with glue for ironing
  • Size: Loader Logo (40x40mm), Tabby Socks (43x35mm), Smile (35x35mm), Touring (36x39mm), Bonfire (26x34mm), For the Adventure (42x37mm)

Photo Credit: Sim Works