PDW Takeout Basket

198.00 SGD

The Takeout basket is a sleek and simple front basket, ideal for those who want a little cargo carrying capacity for quick trips or commuting. The Takeout basket Fits 25.4 - 31.8mm handlebars, and can even fit between drop bars.

The roll top bag has clips along the sides to secure it without the need for bungee straps. An extra long velcro flap makes for extra room in case you need to overload it. And a long and wide strap also make it easy and comfortable to carry the bag on or off the bike..


  • Material: Lightweight 10mm Alloy Tubes 
  • Dimension (Inside of Basket): 155mm x 255mm x 105mm
  • Handlebar Compatibility:  25.4 - 31.8mm (even fits between drop bars)
  • Features:
    • A water resistant roll top bag that clips securely into basket
    • Eyelet for attaching light mount 
    • Integrated u-lock carrying slot
  • Rack Weight: 500g

Photo Credit: PDW