MKS BM 7 Pedals

55.00 SGD


The BM-7 is a 2012 reissue of one of MKS' most popular BMX designs from 1979’s, featuring an alloy body and an alloy cage built around the hand-adjusted cup and cone bearing system from MKS.

The one-piece wrap around cage features an aggressive tooth profile (but not as aggressive as the BM-10 that came after it) with a slight concave design to help keep your foot centered.


  • Material:
    • Body: Alloy
    • Plate: Alloy/Anodized (Copper)
  • Size: W98 x L61
  • Step Area: Double Sided
  • Bearing: Cup & Cone Bearings
  • Weight: 366g
Photo Credit: MKS