LOOK Keo Classic 3 Plus Pedals

84.00 SGD

What is the difference between a KEO CLASSIC 3 and a KEO CLASSIC 3 PLUS? The material used for the contact area. The little extra, stainless steel rather than composite, optimizes pedal stiffness and hence the transfer of power from you to your bike.


  • Spindle:
    • Material: CrMo
  • Body & Platform:
    • Technology: Spring
    • Body Material: Composite 
    • Platform Material: Stainless Steel 
    • Platform Area: 400mm²
    • Platform Width: 60mm
    • Total Stack Height (Pedal + Cleat): 17.8mm (11.5 + 6.3mm)
    • Q Factor: 53mm
  • Weight:
    • Pedal: 140g
    • Pair + Cleats: 350g

Photo Credit: LOOK