Gilles Berthoud Aspin Open Leather Saddle - Brown

405.00 SGD

Berthoud Open saddles provide comfort with their curved shape, eliminating sharp edges. Choose between titanium (Aravis model) for lightness and flex, or stainless steel (Aspin model). Leather shapes to you for superior comfort and durability, with pre-softened thick leather to lessen break-in. Fully rebuildable for color change or repair.


  • Dimensions:
    • 278 mm long
    • 157 mm wide
    • 64 mm rail (straight section for seatpost attachment)
  • Weight: 415 g (titanium); 490 g (stainless)
  • Rails: grade 5 titanium (Aravis); stainless steel (Aspin)
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Water resistant leather treatment
  • Made in France

Photo Credit: Gilles Berthoud