Darimo Sub4 Seat Collar

99.00 SGD
By Darimo


The Sub4 is a handmade carbon fiber seatclamp that lives up to its name by weighing less than 4 grams. Surprisingly, it features a titanium screw that can withstand tightening torque of up to 5Nm. The closure may have small irregularities, but it has the beauty of craftsmanship, each closure is unique as it is made by braiding the carbon by hand.


  • Material: 
    • Collar: Carbon Fibre Composite
    • Inserts: Machined Anodized 7075 Aluminum
    • Screw: M5 Ti Gr.5
  • Weight: <4g
  • Size: 28.6mm | 29.8mm | 31.8mm

Please reach out to us if you would like to pre-order a Darimo Sub4 Seat Collar that is not available in our variants here. 

Photo Credit: Darimo