CeramicSpeed OSPW for Shimano Dura Ace 9250 and Ultegra 8150

950.00 SGD


The CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheels System has been recognized as the world's fastest pulley system, delivering exceptional speed.

The Shimano Dura Ace 9200 and Ultegra 8100 can be enhanced with the Oversized Pulley Wheel System, which includes an integrated stop tower for easy installation and long-lasting performance.

This OSPW System incorporates meticulously crafted CeramicSpeed Bearings in each pulley, and it is backed by a 4-year warranty as standard, which can be upgraded to a lifetime warranty by selecting coated or SLT bearings.

With a 13-tooth upper pulley wheel and a 19-tooth lower pulley wheel, this system ensures optimal performance of the rear derailleur. The upper and lower pulley wheels are made of oversized aluminum and are available with either standard or coated CeramicSpeed Bearings pre-installed.

Photo Credit: CeramicSpeed