CeramicSpeed BSA30 Bottom Bracket

650.00 SGD


BSA comes from British Standard Cycle, aka English threading. English threading on road bikes means a 68mm wide, 34mm inside diameter shell with reverse threading on the drive side. It’s the most common threaded standard employed today. This kit allows you to fit 30mm thru-axle cranks, like those from Rotor, to fit in the tight space of this 34mm spindle.

Choose between two bearings for the cups. Standard Bearings have low drag thanks to hardened-steel races and our CeramicSpeed Balls. Coated Bearings have those same balls installed on coated, hardened-steel races for longer life and less bearing drag.

In The Box

  • 2 x Threaded Cups (with CeramicSpeed Bearings installed)
  • 2 x 1mm Spacers
  • 2 x 0.5mm Spacers
  • 2 x Dust Covers
  • O-Ring
  • Spacer Tube
  • CeramicSpeed All Round Grease
  • Sticker Sheet

Photo Credit: CeramicSpeed