Blue Lug Koma Light - Silver

45.00 SGD


You could easily install Blue Lug's original Koma Light on pretty much any part of your bike.

They are very tiny little lights, but the battery lasts for maximum of 20 hours, and can be recharged with an USB cable.

The name "Koma" (Spinning Top) comes from a classic Japanese toy which looks very similar to the product.


  • Light Colour: White (Front) | Red (Rear)
  • Battery Life: 8-20 hours
  • Power: ~20 lumens
  • Light Modes: Steady, Flash
  • USB-chargeable (about 2 hours)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Outer Diameter: ~3cm
  • Come with M5, M6 bolts

If your frame does not come with any eyelets to attach the Koma Light, you may purchase the Blue Lug Saddle Mounting Bracket to install the Koma Light (Rear) under your saddle.

Photo Credit: Blue Lug