Appleman Bicycles 2XR Crankarm - Silver

780.00 SGD


The 2XR Crankset stands for “two times radius” and is the brainchild of framebuilder Matt Appleman. Frustrated by cranks that didn’t fit people or bikes well, Appleman designed these with a rider-first approach.

Versatile and modular, these cranks offer up new fit options for a wide array of people and a full fleet of bikes.


  • Material: 2024 Aluminium
  • Q-Factor: 150mm (Road)
  • Spindle Diameter: 30mm 
  • Bottom Bracket Types:  BSA, ITA, PF30, BB30, T47, 386EVO, BBRight, BB86, BB92 (Note: It is not compatible with Trek's old BB90/BB95 standard.)
  • BB Shell Width: 68/86mm
  • Outer Bearing Width: 91.5mm
  • Types of Bike: Road, CX, Gravel, Track
  • Chainline (Inner): 42, on track spider
  • Chainline (Outer): 47.5mm
  • Chainline (2X): 44mm
  • Weight: 543g (Spindle: Road | Crankarm Length: 165 mm)

Please note that the 2XR Spider and Spindle Bolts are in SILVER.

Photo Credit: Appleman Bicycles