Apidura Expedition Frame Pack - 3L

150.00 SGD
By Apidura

The Expedition Frame Pack is designed for storing items within the main triangle, creating a lower centre of gravity and enabling more natural bike handling.

The frame bag securely fastens to the top tube with velcro straps, and is useful for storing heavier items as part of a larger bikepacking setup. The result is an even, balanced load, making longer tours and multi-day trips more comfortable. The frame bag is equally useful when used on its own for storing essentials on a daily commute.

It’s constructed from a lightweight fabric, custom milled to Apidura’s specifications and welded together at the seams to create a watertight seal. Zippers with protected closures ensure that kit stays dry, even in a sustained downpour. A battery lead/hydration hose port is handy for charging devices or staying hydrated on the road.


  • Material
    • The frame bag is cut from a three-layer laminate fabric that was developed specifically for Apidura. The material is lightweight, and is highly resistant to tears and abrasion. Notably, it’s welded together at the seams, creating a watertight seal that ensures complete waterproofing.
  • Features: 
    • Waterproof 
      • Lightweight Waterproof Laminate, developed specifically for Apidura
    • Internal Pocket
    • Adjustable Straps
    • Cable/Hydration Port
      • It is compatible with hydration bladders or charging devices on the go.
    • Reflective Graphics
  • Dimensions:
    • Width: 6cm
    • Weight: 145g 
Photo Credit: Apidura