It has been 1.5 years since this bike was built but it has never been properly introduced to the world. So here we are, 10 thousand happy kilometres later, presenting to you - Joshua’s Prova Speciale Ti.

Joshua first chanced upon the brand when Cycle Project Store and Fitskuul visited their workshop at 412 Heidelberg back in early 2019.

Mark Hester (Prova’s owner and builder), Bastion Cycle and Velocraft (previously known as Bikes by Steve) were housed under one roof at that point in time. 

While wandering around the factory, the guys spotted some interestingly engineered and beautifully painted frames. However, what caught Joshua’s attention was a stunning looking Ocean Sparkle stainless steel Speciale hanging just right outside Mark Hester’s workstation. Joshua could not take his eyes off the bike even though Mark was packing the bike for Bespoked UK- the world’s biggest handmade bicycle show (the bike won the Best in Show Award that year!) 

So why Prova Speciale you ask? The thing that stood out the most for Joshua was the craftsmanship of the frame. This frame uniquely combines 3D printed Ti joints welded with custom shaped and butted Ti/Steel tubes, along with a custom fabricated carbon seat tube. It also features clean and seamless weld joints and an aesthetically shaped head tube which is flushed nicely with the Chris King headset. 

Mark’s meticulous work of art ticked all the boxes of Joshua’s ideal bespoke custom frame. It was love at first sight and at that very moment, Joshua instantly set himself a 2 years goal to get his hands on this frame.

Fast forward 2 years later, with the help of Choonwei (Fitskuul Founder), Joshua customized the sizing of the frame and designed his ideal bike geometry. Obviously, he picked the colourway that first caught his eye - the award winning Ocean Sparkle Pearl, which reminded him of his love of The Great Ocean. 

As this build is spec’d with all road/travels in mind, it is decked out with R8070 Ultegra Di2  and the Ultegra RX clutch system rear derailleur to add extra chain stability for adventures on tarmac/asphalt road or light gravel paths. Due to his mountain bike background, Easton carbon crank will always be one of the top choices for Joshua.

All Road as the main purpose of the build, his wheel choice is none other than Enve SES AR 4.5 paired with Chris King R45 Matte Slate colourway, wrapped with Enve SES 29mm rubber.

Given that Joshua always enjoys long hours on the bike, he picked his all time favourite endurance saddle - the Specialized S-works Power Mirror.

Looking for aero gains and light gravel stability with clean and easy cable routing? Joshua’s control center weapon of choice, the Enve SES AR handlebar.

A combination of quality craftsmanship and carefully curated parts, Joshua’s lifetime ride is now complete.   


Prova Speciale Titanium
Chris King
Enve SES AR 4.5 to Chris King by Built Wheels
Enve SES Road
Shimano Ultegra Di2 with RX Rear Derailleur
Easton EC90 SL 
Enve AR
Enve Road
Specialized S-Works Power Mirror
Look Keo Carbon Cr
God and Famous Debossed AS-1


February 21, 2023 — Joshua Tang

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