What is/are the differences between a Fixed-Gear and Single-Speed?

A single-speed or SS bicycle allows you to coast while a fixed-gear does not allow you to coast while pedaling. A fixed gear requires a lockring to secure the sprocket while a single-speed sprocket does not require a lockring


Are all items instock?

No. Unfortunately due to the size of our store, as much as we would like to try to stock everything, it is impossible due to the variety and choices of items in the market.


Do you sell complete bikes?

We sell complete bikes but due to the variety of bikes available and customization available, we did not put it up on our website. You may wish to contact us at info@cycleprojectstore.com to find out more


If I chose all the components myself, can you guys assemble them?

Yes you can definitely do so. We love projects such as these as they are usually unique and what other shops like to address as "custom builds". 


How do i collect my items?

Collection can be made at our store or delivered to your doorstep with a fee.


Do you ship overseas? What is/are the costs of the shipping charges and how long does it takes?

Yes, we ship worldwide. We try to provide cheap and reliable overseas shipping via EMS. Delivery duration depends on the destination and method of shipping.


How long do i have to wait for my purchase if the item that I wanted are out of stock?

Waiting time for items to restock is usually 1-3 weeks. We would advise you to take 3 weeks as a guide.


Which Payment Methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Bank Transfer and PayPal. There will be an additional 3.9% fee incurred for Paypal and the following credit cards: Visa, Master Card, and American Express.


Is there any warranty provided?

Items that come with the manufacturer's warranty coverage will be covered for the duration stipulated under manufacturer's warranty policy. In addition, we provide 1 week warranty coverage for complete custom builds and items that do not come with warranty.