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You are the cyclist. The one who understand the best on how you ride, how you like your ride to be and what you enjoy most out of your ride.

This is where bespoke or custom bicycle comes in. They offer something that most production bicycles are not able to; something personal that caters only to you.

Be it steel, carbon, alloy or titanium, we can help you attain your ideal ride. Together with FitSkuul, we work closely with the following esteemed builders to offer you your custom steed.

Notably their 3D printed titanium lugs produced in-house, their bikes are a combination of carbon fibre and titanium which is a end product of a frame that has the optimum balance of performance and mass. Stiffness of a carbon bike yet comfort of a titanium bike. 
Having won the best builder of the UK Bespoke Bike Show in 2019, Prova has caught the eye of many cyclists for its build quality and immaculate craftmanship through.
Darren Baum is one of the established builders from down under. Having build frames for close to three decades now, Baum has been churning out quality framesets with in-house paintwork that is just spectacular.
Based in New York City, USA, No.22 are known for their titanium frames. Having won many accolodes in several North America Handmade Bike Show, the company has constantly innovate and develop as an established titanium bespoke frame builder. This is a company that offers the comfort of titanium yet stiffness of an aluminium bike.
Founded in 2010, Festka main objective was to produce custom frames irregardless of materials choices and offer limitless customization options as much as possible.
Aaron Stinner started bulding frames back in 2010 for his friends after learning his trade at the United Bicycle Institute. His frames are mostly steel as he favoured the material over other material for its purposes and that it brings a more lively ride to their owners. 
Based in San Francisco, California, Low Bicycles has established themselves as one of the finest builder specializing in aluminium framesets. Constantly challenging, innovating and redesigninng how aluminium bicycle can ride and feel like, Andrew Low has changed alot of cyclists' perception towards alluminium bikes.
Based in Barcelona, Spain, Legor Cicli has been born out of love for steel framesets because of the belief that steel is the best material for building bicycles. Italian builder and founder Mattia Paganotti believes that custom bicycle should show some dna of the builder.