Darimo Ellipse Road Handlebar - UD Matte

758.00 SGD
By Darimo


The Darimo Ellipse Road Gandlebar sets a new standard with a weight of just 128 grams in 420mm width.

The handlebar is entirely manufactured with carbon fiber, with an exclusive combination of bidirectional and unidirectional fabrics with the right orientation to achieve the best weight-resistance-stiffness ratio, always keeping in mind your safety.


  • Material: Carbon
  • Drop: 128mm
  • Reach: 77mm
  • Width: 36cm | 38cm | 40cm | 42cm | 44cm
  • Weight: 36cm (118g) | 38cm (121g) | 40cm (124g) | 42cm (128g) | 44cm (132g)
  • Max Suggested Load Weight: 90kg

Please reach out to us if you would like to pre-order a Darimo Ellipse Road Handlebar that is not available in our variants here. 

Photo Credit: Darimo