Velo Orange x Road Runner Bags Transporteur Bag

210.00 SGD

Measuring out at 29L, the Transporteur Bag is a non-structured, durable, waterproof, roll top bag for your VO Porteur Rack or similarly sized platform rack (like Wald 1372 basket)

The outermost fabric is extremely abrasion and water resistant Cordura, while the inside liner is seam-sealed and waterproof. Unroll the top and you'll find the main cavity is perfect for the majority of your touring or commuting gear, while the smaller, front pocket is great for all of your little stuff.

The roll-top design lends itself well to overstuffing with camping gear or groceries, but can also be cinched down for smaller loads.


  • Volume: 29L
  • Base: 10" x 12" 
  • Unrolled Height: 16"
  • Weight: 513g
  • Maximum Capacity: ~25L

A carry strap is included.

Please note the color of the Transporteur Bag pictured on the Porteur Rack is "Rust".

Photo Credit: Velo Orange

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