Thomson Road Dropbar

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Thomson's carbon fiber road racing handlebar features a mild wing shape on top, clamping area (31.8mm) wide enough for aero bars, and mid-compact reach and drop. This is the modern road racing handlebar bar for the modern road bike.

The road bar wing section is small enough not to restrict hand movements when riding on the top, and allows bar angle adjustment without “locking out” your wrists. Shaping on the bottom side of the wing allows housing to be taped out of the way without the use of narrow housing channels or internal routing, both of which shorten bar life.
Reach for the Road Dropbar is at 78.5mm. Drop is proportional. The road drops are: 40CM 137mm, 42CM 140mm, 44CM 140mm, and 46CM 143mm. 

Certified to EN, tested to DIN+.

Thomson originated from U.S.A. Their mission: “Throughout The Centuries There Were Men Who Took First Steps Down New Roads Armed With Nothing But Their Own Vision” probably summed up the quality of their products.