Supacaz Super Sticky Kush Star Fade Bartape

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Super Sticky Kush is the high performance bar tape of choice for World Champions and Gold Medallists. Fusing performance and style, Supacaz delivers the first bar tape worth dreaming about.

1 Set:

• 2-Super Sticky Kush tape roll
• 2-100% Aluminum Star Plugs
• 2-Pattern Finish Tapes

Material: PU
Length: 2160mm
Width: 30mm
Thickness: 3mm

In 2010, Supacaz was founded by a group of passionate California cyclists. The founding members of Supacaz are both professional and avid cyclists; however, they associated more with the cool styles and relaxed vibes of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Supacaz devised the notion that cycling products didn’t have to be black and white and the cyclng community should be more laid back. It was all about having fun and that cycling should be “Super Casual”.