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Sugino PF30-IDS24 PWS Super Ceramic Bottom Bracket

Sugino PF30-IDS24 PWS Super Ceramic Bottom Bracket

185.00 SGD

Creak-Free Solution
Creaking noise is caused by a gap between BB and frame, also by contaminants in the bearing. Thanks to its unique structure, creaking issues of press-fit BB are eliminated.

"Thread-in structure"
Left and right cups are integrated by thread-in structure, which prevents noise, improves bearing life, reinforces the frame and adds stiffness to the bottom bracket area.

Original system for smooth and secure fitting.
Gasket-rings placed under the fringe of the cups, are squeezed between surfaces to fill the clearance and provide secure fitting

"Special seal"
Special seal keeps contaminants out of the bearing and ensures longer product life. So, service and maintenance of the bearing are not required.

The easy installation/removal system reduces the risk of damage to the frames, and simplifies maintenance work of the internal cables.


  • BB shell width : 68mm
  • BB shell diamter : Ф46mm