Other Means Magazine - Volume One

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Cycling, at its core, is movement—a way to get from point A to point B and beyond. But for many, riding a bike represents so much more. A means of escape, discovery and exploration. An opportunity to make friends and create communities. A way to push past our comfort zones into the wilds of the unknown. 

On a mission is to tell stories and capture rides that share the human side of cycling, Other Means is a print magazine, digital space and cycling community.

Dive into Volume One as they:

  • Set out across Egypt with Sami Sauri on a last-minute adventure of a lifetime
  • Get hot and bothered in Big Bend while bikepacking West Texas
  • Break bread with pro-racer and amateur baker Amity Rockwell
  • Explore what sets Amsterdam apart as an ideal city for cycling
  • Meet a fantastic framebuilder living far from home with Equilibrium Cycles

Photo Credit: Other Means