MKS x Velo Spica Cycling Cap - Pretzel

52.00 SGD

Introducing the cycling cap designed for MKS' latest pedal model, the "Pretzel."

French illustrator Denis Carrier crafted an enchanting illustration featuring the distinctive "Pretzel" pedal motif. 

The material is composed of 100% polyester, known for its ability to absorb sweat, quick drying, and UV protection. The back adjuster can be widely customized using the drawcord.

With minimal functionality and waste, this product is exceptionally lightweight at only 37g and can be easily folded into a compact size.

Proudly crafted in Japan, Velo Spica began its journey as a creator of cycling caps. Every step of the production process, from planning and design to printing, cutting, and sewing, is meticulously executed in the Takao region of Hachioji city, Tokyo.

Photo Credit: Velo Spica