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MKS US-S Pedal

MKS US-S Pedal

120.00 SGD

The US-S Pedal is a two hole cleat double-sided binding pedal that is perfect for touring and long ride.

A new mechanism "split type binding system" with a force of about half required for stepping out while maintaining the conventional fixing force. MKS original cleat is attached but it is compatible with SPD cleat.

Replaceable cage and cover included. By attaching a cage, you can further catch, stability and control. It is also possible to reduce the weight by replacing it with a cover. It can be used widely according to the style of running.

• Aluminium Body

• Size: W64 x L 52 (with cover attached) | W69 x L 84 (with cage installed)

• Weight: 433g (with cover)

Mikashima Industries Co Ltd is based in Japan since 1943.

The company first started manufacturing aircraft parts but switched over to bicycle pedals in 1946 and has been  a pioneer in manufacturing bicycle pedals and other manufacturing processes.