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Hed Cycling is an American operated and privately own company. Based in Minneapolis, most manufacturing and assembling are done in their own US factory. First started in the mid-1980s by founder Steve Hed, the company continues to embody his design philosophy which led to the ground breaking C2 rims. The company values quality and happy customers over unbridled growth or protecting the bottom line. 

The H3 has propelled more Grand Tour riders to the podium than any other wheel.  Year after year, it is independently chosen by the top riders in the world – when every second counts.  The GT3 is the next evolution of that iconic wheel.

Gone are the days of 18 and 19mm tires for time trials; riders now embrace the comfort and rolling speed advantages of wider rubber.  The GT3 features a super-wide 26.5mm rim, optimized for use with modern 21 and 23mm tires. 


• Tubular
• Depth: 46.5mm
• Width: 26.5mm
• Braking Surface: Carbon

• Hub Model: HED Sonic H3

• Includes: Titanium Skewers, Valve Extenders