Fizik Antares Versus Evo 00 Adaptive Saddle

635.00 SGD

A new performance bike saddle with revolutionary 3D-printed padding, a high-modulus full carbon shell and carbon rails offers a new level of comfort and support on your rides.

Using carbon technology, multiple functional zones within the saddle were designed and produced in mind, tuning each of them separately for specific mechanical properties. This allows a  distinctive cushioning and mechanical response, joined together progressively and seamlessly in the same padding.


  • ADAPTIVE: Carbon® Digital Light SynthesisTM 3D printing technology, offering seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning
  • VERSUS EVO: Full channel design for pressure relief on soft tissue area
  • 00: A combination of a high module full carbon shell and a carbon rail for ultimate stiffness and lightness
  • MOEBIUS RAIL: Patented closed loop design for a balanced weight distribution
  • Size: 139mm
    • Dimensions: 274 x 139 mm
    • Weight: 147 g
    • Height at 75mm width: 54 mm
    • Length from nose to 75mm width: 151 mm
  • Size: 146
    • Dimensions: 274 x 146 mm
    • Weight: 154 g
    • Height at 75mm width: 54 mm
    • Length from nose to 75mm width: 151mm

Photo Credit: Fizik

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