Fabric Scoop Flat Saddle - Pro

248.00 SGD

Fabric uses a unique three-part construction for its saddles which strips away the compression and tension found in traditional hard, stretched-cover saddles. They do this by bonding a waterproof microfiber straight onto a flexible base, allowing the use of softer foam, giving you added comfort, wherever you're headed.

Scoop Flat is for you if you like to get low to cheat the wind, and place less weight on the saddle. If you are looking for a saddle for all types of ride, balancing comfort and movement with a slightly curved profile, flexible base and low density foam, the Scoop Shallow will be more suitable for you.


  • Profile: Flat
  • Cover: Microfibre
  • Base: Flexible Nylon
  • Rails:
    • Elite = Cro-Mo (7mm)
    • Pro = Carbon (7 x 9mm)
  • Dimensions: L 282 X W 142mm
  • Weight: Elite = 244g | Pro = 176g

Photo Credit: Fabric

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