Blub Lubricant Ceramic Lube

5.00 SGD

BLUB's Ceramic Lube is an advanced chain lubricant for all conditions, formulated with ceramic additives. As the premium product of BLUB, it lasts longer and protects more transmission wear.

It contains a wax base with ceramic particles that creates greater protection on the chain. Once applied, it has greater durability and resistance than Teflon (PTFE).


    • Additional protection against corrosion
    • Prolongs the life of the transmission
    • Reduces noise and delays chain wear
    • Dry in a few minutes, leaving a lubricating film with low attraction of dirt and abrasive elements
    • Longer duration between applications
    • Clean transmission for longer
    • Easily removed with soap and water
    • Keep departures between 120-150 km

    Please do not use in wet or muddy conditions, or if you are traversing wet areas as water will wash away lubrication.

    Photo Credit: BLUB

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