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ABUS Steel-O-Chain 9809 Lock
ABUS Steel-O-Chain 9809 Lock

ABUS Steel-O-Chain 9809 Lock

142.00 SGD

Made of 9mm thick square chain, the ABUS Chain Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 9809 offers you extremely high protection against lock tampering and theft. 

The high-quality “Plus” cylinder of the Chain Lock Steel-O-Chain™ 9809 is the safest that ABUS currently offers. No matter if someone tries to break into the bike lock or the “Plus” cylinder with special tools – they won’t get very far.

The hidden “Plus” cylinder is the safest disc cylinder currently used in ABUS products.


  • Security Level: 12
  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Length: 85cm | 110cm
  • Weight: 2100g | 2600g
  • Locking Type: Key

Photo Credit: ABUS