Tokubetsu Na Mono Senjafuda Sticker Set

15.00 SGD

Originating from Shrines, 千社札 "Thousand Shrine Tags" were traditionally used as commemorative slips, but in recent years gave way to more ‘aesthetic’ designs, used in place of business cards.

Sold as a set of 7 pieces, Tokubetsu worked with a Calligraphy artist to produce these, along with their own take of a Kamon situated above the brushstrokes, which read ‘Built for the anomaly’, and ‘Pain is the answer’ respectively.


  • Built for the anomaly, Large - 4 x 14.3 cm

  • Pain is the answer, Large - 4 x 14.3 cm

  • Built for the anomaly, Small - 2.7 x 10 cm , 2 Pieces

  • Pain is the answer, Small - 2.7 x 10 cm , 2 Pieces

  • Tokubetsu Na Mono, - 12 x 4 cm

Photo Credit: Tokubetsu Na Mono

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