David chanced upon this black CAAD7 R5000 Optimo when he was in the store for a visit. Being a fan of aluminium bikes and also appreciating older builds better, he decided to risk the wraith of his future wife and went for it.

The surprising thing was us prior to the build was, David was actually using a Cannondale CAAD10 and hence sort of decided to 'downgrade' to the CAAD7 which was still made in America.

What was even more surprising was that, the build of the CAAD10 was 6.58kg and when the components was port over and assembled, the CAAD7 build was lighter by 300g!

What we did not do was, to weigh both framesets before we build the CAAD 7. In anycase, the end result was really satisfying as the CAAD7 was such a beauty and the ride was very nimble and stiff.

Will we do what David decided to do if we have a CAAD10? Definitely! Will you?

  • Frameset: Cannondale CAAD7 Optimo R5000
  • Wheelset: Sibei Light laced to Extralite with Sapim CX Ray
  • Tires: Vittoria Corsa
  • Groupset: Campagnolo Chorus with Hologram Si Cranks
  • Saddle: Shimano Pro Stealth
  • Stem: ZIPP
  • Handlebar: Thomson Carbon Road
David's CAAD7 R5000

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